Walk across america with coach david

Join me as I walk across America!

Ill be going through 12 states, walking 3000 miles on an adventure of 6 to 9 months.

How can you go on this adventure with me?
2 WAYS. and without wearing out a single pair of shoes.

1. Bibles 4 Africa - I  am raising funds for the families of Africa to have a church built so they have a place to learn about God. Americans go to their place of worship every Sunday morning. 

But what if you had no physical church to attend? 

a place to worship


Many groups meet under trees or under a torn piece of plastic to  worship, because they have no building.  Under the hot sun, and in the  rain, it creates many problems, and keeps many people from coming to meeting. 

Cost?  $14,000.00

Your donation will also provide Bibles.

Out of a congregation of 150 people, approximately 10 people have a Bible.  Imagine having no Bible to study and learn. 

In America we can get them for free. 

Who did I partner with to accomplish this? 

See below..

Advent Hope Ministries

Advent Hope Ministries located in  Campbellsburg,  Kentucky. 

Acquaint yourself with them and  visit their site. You may reach them at: 502-648-1598  

As we Walk Across America together, I want you know your donations are well spoken for. 

I have researched and spoken with them and found them to be authentic with a passion and heart for Jesus Christ.

5.00, 10.00? Your donation is much appreciated. 

CLICK HERE to Donate / Bibles 4 Africa

WAIT..I said there were 2 WAYS to Walk Across America with me?