Ashley Puzemis


“Throughout multiple acting seminars attended, monthly group workshops, and David’s private training; there’s not one thing I would regret on choosing him as my coach. 

You cannot possibly walk away from one of his teachings without carrying more information than you would have expected to learn. He not only taught me more in depth basics of getting into character and bringing your inner emotions, but has led me in further development in being an actress. 

David is more than happy to all the knowledge he has acquired in the film and theater industry in order for his students to understand what it really is like and what they should expect. 

I find auditions not as frightful anymore and when getting into character I’ve learned not to act on how it’s supposed to be, but instead become the character along complete with their particular feelings, reactions and ambitions. For such an amazing coach, I would highly recommend David Thompson.”

Ashely Puzemis, actress/model 

Sheila Winters


“I have found David’s techniques of imparting his expertise in the skill of acting not only challenging me to grow but also enforces the passion that encourages  me to prove my eagerness to really experience what is locked within.” 

Sheila Winters / Actress

Dorothy Reed


David's improvisation  and acting classes have given me the tools relevant to my unique acting style. 

His techniques enable me to innately tap into the genuine me that  brings a rare element to the character role and sets me apart from a room full of people that may look like you. 

And that is what casting directors want to see -Authenticity! 

Dorothy Reed, actress/model

Todd Gerdan


"David, I would just like to thank you for being such a professional and a supportive coach. I've had some bad advice, mediocre at best. Meeting you at Nine 9 has been awesome for my morale  and self esteem for my career as an actor. "

Todd Gerdan / Actor, Comedian 

David Palazzolo


"David is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated leader. His passion and love for others to reach their true potential is uplifting and inspiring.
David has a wealth of information on leadership development and it was a pleasure to listen to him speak."

David Palazzolo /  Assistant Vice President at TD Bank, Auburn Call Center