Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!


Dream coaching is a relationship between a certified coach and a client designed to help you discover your passion, potential and purpose in life. 

Just as an Olympic athlete wouldn’t think of training their body without a vision for their objective, neither should you expect to achieve your goals without a coach.  Today’s most successful actors, writers, business leaders, professionals, executives and entrepreneurs seek out a coach to take both their personal and professional to the next level. 

David Thompson, strategist, motivational speaker and author will work with you,  helping to define and achieve your short term and long term goals. 

Why does dream coaching work?

 Coaches have the ability to view things from an objective rather than an emotional point of view. 

This eagle-like vision is designed to shed new light and hope your circumstances. Coaches should be excellent listeners acting sometimes as personal sounding boards strategically guiding you in decision making, sharpening your own vision and motivating you to take action. 

Here are just a few reasons why David Thompson would be the right dream coach for you. 

Your confidence is at an all time low 

Confidence is gained by taking action. Pain of the past, perceived failures or fear of the future steal confidence and the feeling of self-worth. Placing these experiences or stuffing them into the back of your mind can cause emotions such as grief, trauma or feelings of worthlessness are the results. 

David’s unique Power Coaching techniques will to help you master your emotions, move forward and equip you with the most powerful emotion on the planet. 



You lack a clear vision for your future

Most of us have a general list of goals that we desire. Happiness, peace, wealth, love and acceptance hold the most significance, but these are at best, intangibles. Your brain was created with the ability to accurately target your desires. When ever we encounter a problem we can’t solve, the brain flashes a yellow signal, cautioning you to look around checking if its safe to continue on that road. Bad choices can cause less than satisfying results, leaving our vision of the future clouded and unclear. David Thompson can show you powerful strategies empowering your vision to clearly see your future in a way you could never imagine. 

 Your vision for your future is too BIG

Reaching for your dreams is an amazing feat, but sometimes we find them out of reach. Envisioning a dream doesn’t start tomorrow, it begins today. Do you have a dream of moving to another location, starting a family or becoming wealthy? Does the very idea loom in front of you like an immovable mountain creating frustration and fear?

 David’s power coaching will give you the tools you need you eliminate the single most common obstacle to success. Fear. 

You'll build new confidence, be able to take on manageable goals leading you to even greater fulfillment in your accomplishments. 

Your habits do not support your goals

You are clear about your goals and what you want to accomplish, but bad habits and self-sabotage keep you from achieving those goals. Failing to commit to completing a goal is connected to fear. Fear of acceptance, success or failure are the most prevalent. David has worked with clients who have felt overwhelmed. Overwhelm is the pattern of creating goals that are not realistic or manageable. David begins by teaching  clients how to change their state or mind by developing new words to describe their goals. A great coach will help you look at your obstacles objectively, as opportunities so you may shed a light on what's stopping you and seeing the challenges rather than road blocks. 

You’re irritable or moody

 Reacting to life or mastering emotions results can be a choice.  Fear has many faces and irritability or moodiness are just two of them. Emotions such as Anger, frustration, depression, settling for less than your worth can steal your passion for life. If you feel out of control, you are probably right. Dream Coach David will show you in five steps how to master your emotions, regain control and achieve that most valuable sought after state of mind. Peace. 

You are in the middle of a huge life change

Whether you’re seeking a huge career change, or a challenging significant life transition, it’s no secret you’ll exhaust your friends and family treating them like therapists. Transitions create stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, all of which have their origins in fear. Enter Dream Coach David. He will provide you the support you need to smoothly and effectively transition into your next step of life in a powerful and positive manner. 

You crave more passion and purpose

Life without passion and direction is the same as expecting a fish to run a marathon. It wouldn’t have a clue. Life with passion and purpose is the absence of fear and that spells power. But you may be thinking? Why not see a psychologist or other specialist?

Good question. The key difference between coaches and psychologists is that psychologists tend to focus on the healing the past while coaches focus on the future with the strategy of positive psychology. Remember you are not broken just temporarily distracted from your passion and purpose. 

David’s Power Coaching will give you the skill to glance in your rear view mirror while at the same time making tremendous progress toward a brighter future

“Healing is important, but only if your progressively creating a passionately directed life.” Dream Coach David 

Who works with a Dream Coach?

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, actors,athletes, musicians, creative people, managers, small business owners, professionals, married couples, children and home-makers all have a passionate desire to their goals. We are always in between starting and finishing.

 If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, David Thompson can help. 

 Not only will he help you close the gap, he will help you break through   any limited beliefs  showing  you how to think bigger. 

What would you work on with a Dream Coach?

 Undoubtedly ,you have a definite idea of what you want your life to look like. Still, here a few  brainstorming ideas that you may want to consider: 

    Achieving goals and objectives

    Planning businesses, careers

    Eliminating fears

    Spiritual growth

    Organizing your life for success

    Financial security

    Balancing professional and personal life

    Designing success strategies

    Optimizing health and diet


    Discovering the solution to every problem

    Exchanging bad habits for good ones.

    Creating powerful relationships

    Discovering your passionate purposeful career

    Finding the right one

    Changing old belief systems

    Life transitions

    Starting and growing a business

    Identifying your passions potential and purpose

    Mastering Emotions

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