What Is An Acting Coach?

 The world of professional acting can be very difficult to negotiate and beginning actors seek out the advice and training of an experienced  actor simply known as the acting coach. 

This person may offer group and individual  training classes out of a professional studio or work independently as a  freelance teacher or advisor.  Many famous film, television, and stage  actors have benefited from the advice and acting techniques offered by an acting coach. 


An actor cannot see themselves act and therefore cannot accurately judge their performance.  An acting coach is the mediator between success and failure in the audition process. They become the ears and eyes of a critic called the casting director.

  The acting coach pays very close attention of the performance such as body language,projection,stage fright, tonal inflection,energy and so forth. 

 If the actor energy or movements do not match  dialogue, for example, he or she may  demonstrate a better way for the actor to move or speak. 

An acting coach may also be hired for a film to train  non-professional actors, or to work on specific acting challenges, such  as dialects or physical disabilities. Experienced actors may have need of a coach in  reaching  depths of emotion required by the  director.  

Acting coaches act as a motivators  for  professional actors who need advice from someone familiar with the  demands of acting. 

For over 25 years, David Thompson has worked in the entertainment industry.
He has appeared on  The Good Wife, Law & Order, feature and independent films as well as  numerous theater productions in California, Canada and the Mid West. 

 David's education has been strongly influenced in the following acting methods. 

The Alexander technique,Sanford Meisner, Stanislavsky, Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg. 

"The secret to becoming an excellent actor is not becoming a success, but maintaining excellence over a life time." 

David Thompson

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What ever the reason, consider Acting Coach David. 

David Thompson (acting coach David) has been  acting , directing and coaching for over 25 years,

Techniques such as Meisner, Adler, Alexander and Stanislavski are the foundations of his teaching. 

The Good Wife, Law & Order, Warrior Pride as well at many theatre productions are just a few of his credits. 

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